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      On Monday, as on all week-days, he is to be called at six oclock, and so soon as he is called he is to rise. You are to stand by him that he do not loiter or turn in bed, but briskly and at once get up and say his prayers the same as on Sunday morning. This done, he shall, as rapidly as he can, get on his shoes and spatterdashes, also wash his face and hands, but not with soap; shall put on his dressing-gown, have his hair combed and queued, but not powdered. While being combed and queued, he shall, at the same time, take breakfast of tea, so that both jobs go on at once; and all this shall be ended before half past six. Preceptor and domestics shall then come in with Bible and hymn-books, and have family worship as on Sunday. This shall be done by seven oclock.

      Yet Bergan was considerably relieved by her first words;"Oh, Mr. Arling, don't tell mammadon't tell Astraplease don't!" It seemed probable that the episode of the begging was simply one of the child's strange freaks."You forget, my dear," said Mr. Bergan, gently, "that it was for Carice's sake. We were thinking only of her."

      From all of which, it will easily be seen that Carice's days of suspense were not yet over. Doctor Remy had artfully lifted her a little way into the sunshine, first, as a means of commending himself to her favor, and next, in order that her lapse into the shadow should be the more complete.

      The pampered duchess sent by the French minister to Berlin a complimentary message to Frederick. He disdainfully replied: The Duchess of Pompadour! who is she? I do not know her. This was an offense never to be forgiven."Come, by all means," said he, with more kindness than he had yet shown,for he could not bring himself to give a half-hearted invitation to his sister's son,"I have still a great deal to ask about your mother."


      117 A deputation of four ministers, headed by Baron Grumkow, the next day presented themselves to the princess. To overawe Wilhelmina, they approached her with all the solemnity of state. Grumkow opened the conference:




      When he offered posts in the army to two brothers, who belonged to the old noblesse, and they refused, preferring to accept places at court, he exclaimed angrily