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      "It's an instrument," rejoined Gregg, leaning over the side of the car. "Evidently it has some sort of effect upon the fundamental processes of the human organism. That's clear, to me. Probably it replaces some of the ordinary functions and alters others. One gets a sort of glimmerof an immense speeding up of the entire organism, and the brain of man developing new senses and powers of apprehension. They would have all sorts of second sights and subsidiary senses. They would feel their way about in a larger universe, creep into all sorts of niches and corners unknown to us, because of their different construction."

      "Did you speak to the Spanish woman?" he asked."Well?" enquired Mrs. Flack, as she poured him out a cup of tea, "who won?"

      Hetty gave the desired information. There was a peculiar smile on the face of her companion.

      "He's on my private horse!" I retorted."The more reason why I should do so," Leona sneered. "If it did really matter, I would see my right arm rotting off before I put a pen to paper. But I have had a most worthy antagonist, and I know the game too well not to play it correctly. Give me a pen and let me finish it."


      "Well, I'll answer it. Do you think Jewett has run back into his own lines?"


      "Aren't you going any further?" he enquired, anxiously.


      Shaping machines are generally provided with adjustable vices, devices for planing circular forms, and other details which cannot be so conveniently employed with planing machines. Another feature of shaping machines is a positive range of the cutting stroke produced by crank motion, which permits tools to be stopped with precision at any point; this admits of planing [136] slots, keyways, and such work as cannot well be performed upon common planing machines.Bruce murmured something. He was too dazed for the moment to speak coherently.