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      "Well, I gave up all the sweet things of life, as you call 'emand why shudn't they?""Reckon that lot had just about crunched me up. [Pg 14]I feel all stove in."

      "'T?un't peas, thick 'un," Vennal would break in uproariously, "it's turnipseach of 'em got a root like my fist."This is the end.

      Hitherto any verse that had been written in the controversy had been meant for street singing, and turned out in the less serious moments of politicians who certainly were not poets. But "MacDonald's Gate" impressed the multitude as something altogether different. The sounding periods and the number of capitals proclaimed it poetry of the very highest order, and its prominent position throughout the town soon resulted in the collection of excited groups all discussing the Scott's Float toll-gate, which nobody hitherto had thought much about.

      She feebly put up her hand and brushed the veil awayalready something strange had loomed through it, whipping her curiosity. A man was at the window, his head and shoulders dark against the sunset.

      "But I'm the worstthe worst that ever was. I'm scum, I'm dirt"and out poured more of the turbid stream, till Pete sickened.

      He tramped home through the darkness. A storm was rising, shaking the fir-plumes of Boarzell against a scudding background of clouds and stars. The hedges whispered, the dead leaves rustled, the woods sighed. Every now and then a bellow would come from the Moor, as the sou'wester roared up in a gust, then a low sobbing followed it into silence.

      "My lord, my daughter was present when I gave the medicine; but I seek no defence."At this moment a knock was heard at the door. Calverley opened it, and De Boteler's page appeared to say, that if Thomas Calverley had wanted the aid of the priest, he should have applied sooner, for his lord was now waiting for him.


      "You see, this is my very best gown," she confided[Pg 155] to Robert outside the house, "and I d?an't know wot I shud do if anything happened to it."


      "I've been to a wedding," he said conversationally; "a proper wedding with girls and kisses.""Well, Reuben, I'm glad to see you."