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      Before the day was over something like order was restored, and the vast place settled down into that solemn hush which follows a death. The servants stole about on tiptoe in the darkened house; the tread, that peculiar treadwho does not know and shudder at it?of the undertakers men seemed to pervade the whole place. Lilias, shut up in her room with Lady Ada, heard it, and wept afresh."Then look the other way!" carolled back the slender beauty. To whom Anna smiled across in her belated way, and wondered if the impulse to follow Hilary Kincaid ever came to women.

      I should like her portrait painted, Trafford. It has not yet been done, has it?

      Behind the screen Flora smiled malignly while Anna said, "No, I--I was only--no, not at all; go on."


      He lowered the glass and saw better without it.


      Yes, he said, his eyes eloquent with imploration. I scarcely dare ask you, there is so much to forgive! Ever since we first met, I have wronged you, have cruelly misjudged you, have proved unworthy of you.


      "No," said Kincaid, "time's too short. All we want is to bind ourselves, before Heaven and all mankind, in holy wedlock, for better, or worse, till death us do part. And this we here do in sight of you all, and in the name and sight and fear of God." He dropped his glance to Anna's: "Say Amen."