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      Norman thanked him.

      "Aw soppin's o' de gravy pan--"

      I dont know, she breathed. Are you going to be angry with me again? Is it of any use?I cant find out for certain, sir, said the clerk, upon his return. Theres always such confusion in starting; but one of our men says he saw a gentleman, a tall, fair man, talking with a lady in the saloon deck, and he fancies they went aboard together; but he couldnt swear to it.

      As a matter of fact, he did not believe his eyes. He had eaten nothing since the morning; his nerves were overstrained; the solitude had wrought its influence upon him. In simple truth, he thought that he was looking upon a vision of the imaginationa vision called up by the aching longing in his heart, by his nervous and overwrought condition.Dont worry yourself, said Simon, with malignant irony. Youve got to come along with us dead or alive; you can take your choice.

      Your wisdom is always supernal, William, said Varley, absently. What is it? Is Dogs Ear going to attack the Melbourne Bank?



      He got the volume and placed it on the music-stand, and bent over her to turn the leaves."Well, really," stammered the boy at last, "we--we can't say, just now, where he is."


      "Kincaid's Battery hell! You get those ladies out o' this as fast as them mules can skedaddle."